The Beginning

We found our boat in March in LaPaz, MX.  The owners had been cruising the Baja Penisula and the western coast of MX for several years.  We knew the minute we saw her that we wanted this boat.  We had so much in common with the former owners, and they had taken such good care, that we felt this was meant to be.  They brought her up to San Diego in May, and we took possession May 21, 2018.  We spent a week in San Diego unloading the contents of our 20’ Uhaul into the boat.  Unloading into a boat means transferring to a dock cart in the parking lot, wheeling a heavy cart down a steep incline down to the water, down the pier because our boat is always the last one on the dock, then hauling stuff across the water from the dock to the boat, usually a 2-3 foot jump.  A sport unto itself!  After getting initially settled, we and our broker took the boat from San Diego to Dana Point, just south of Los Angeles, where Nordhavn is headquartered.  We have stayed here, taking a deeper dive into getting settled, going through the mechanics, spare parts and learning about all the systems.  We’ve had some repairs and upgrades done by qualified vendors, and are now waiting for the weather to clear north of San Francisco to travel with a captain to the Puget Sound area. Our plan is to stay up north for a few seasons.  We want to travel the Canadian Islands between the mainland and Vancouver Island, and the Inside Passage to Alaska.  Once in Alaska, there is much to see.  The trip from California to Washington is difficult.  The boat faces into the prevailing NW winds and the current runs opposite the path of travel. If the wind blows hard it is treacherous.  At best, it’s described as a bash, not as in party but as in slamming.  We have been advised that once we are up there we should stay there and do and see everything. Our plan after is to go to MX, Central America, Ecquador, the Panama Canal.........and who knows where else? Hopefully we can stay healthy and physically active enough to accomplish these goals. We are living aboard for now, and keeping our home in Tucson. We really don’t know what all this will be,  As always, we have a foot out the door.