Heading to Washington!

We are leaving tomorrow!  Our captain called yesterday and said the weather finally looked good and we are leaving tomorrow! Tomorrow! We've been in Dana Point for 4.5 weeks, getting to know the boat, tuning up some systems, buffing, waxing, cleaning, and getting organized with our spare parts inventory, which is extensive.  Dick has done an amazing job of operating the boat. He has docked our 18' wide boat into a 19.5' slip in 15 knot winds, with paddle boarders and kayaks mindlessly cruising around without watching. (FYI, very large boats cannot stop quickly!) We are ready to see friends and family in Washington and Canada!  This trip will be a minimum 7 days of non-stop cruising, weather permitting.  Our boat is very safe, but that makes it slow.  Her top speed is 9.5 knots.  We will travel at 7-8 knots and take shifts operating the boat, all day and all night.  There will be 4 crew, a captain and mate in addition to us. We are now busy provisioning.  We have a 27", full height SubZero fridge with 2 freezer drawers, a chest freezer, and 2 pantries, so we can store a lot of food.  We have electric bikes with a travoy attached so we can gather a fair amount of stuff per trip. We even went to Costco with them!
They have little wheels, but they really zoom.  The battery packs can be removed from the bike rack over the back wheel, making the bike lighter. Those battery packs have panniers that unzip and fold down for more storage. The black bike is zipped, the blue bike has the panniers deployed.  The bikes fold in half ( you can see the hinge on the blue bike at the right of the picture) and then we can lift the whole thing onto the boat and put them in storage under the deck to stay dry. It's such a great system-we are thrilled with them.  
I am a bit concerned about seasickness.  I've had to adjust to open ocean traveling.  I never got seasick last year, but we were on inside passages all summer.  Taking the boat from San Diego to Dana Point was a very uncomfortable 8 hours for me.  I think I have habituated some since then.  Our trip to Catalina went very well for me, but this trip up the coast is notorious for wind and waves coming right at you, and has been described as rough to horrible.  The weather forecasts look pretty calm during our weather window, and I have an option to bail when we reach San Francisco.  I really want to make the whole trip.  The education is invaluable, and the coast is so beautiful.  I have every med available on board, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will do what I need to do.  If I don't blog for a week, it's because I can't look at the screen!
For those of you wondering about the picture of our boat in front of an Alaskan glacier, the former owner graciously allowed me to use some of his photos until I can collect my own.  


Debbie Brown 7/3/2018
You should  be a few days into your trip as i am writing this so I hope all is going well and that you feel ok Peggy  so you can make the comlete trip to washington.  Great blog by the way.  Weather has been cool and rany here in Revy but warming  up and getting sunny starting tomorrow.  Happy Indepence 4th of July day tomorrow.  
Sharon Turner 7/3/2018
So excited for you both!  I love how you are following your dreams, going where your hearts take you :)  Such a beautiful way to see the world, and live with mindfulness.  You're already several days into your trip, but I understand the little wristbands made for seasickness actually do work.  Take care - hope to see you soon!
Marilyn Thomas Pelehach 6/28/2018

Wow! What adventures await! Sounds like you’ve done your research thoroughly and are elated with your decision!  It’ll be fun following your adventures!  Ahhh. Retirement!